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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Here at Total Bliss Nail Spa (TBNS), we have always existed with safety as a priority in our care for our clients, in addition to our unique style of personable, self-care as our business model.


Since the 2020 onset of COVID-19 in our community and around the world, we have cooperated with our local governmental closures and increased implemented safety standards. We are committed to honoring the CDC safety guidelines to all of our clients and staff that work here at Total Bliss Nail Spa, in order to ensure our environment and everyone is welcomed and remain in our most healthiest.


If you are ill, not feeling well or have been around anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, we require that you notify TBNS immediately to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

The following is the TBNS Health Check to expect for your appointment:

• A personal protective mask is required during the entire time

• Clients must use of provided alcohol-based hand sanitizer or wash hands before receiving services

• Temperature will be taken upon arrival; if it is outside the normal core temperature, service will not be rendered. Client's appointment will be cancelled and will not be allowed to return to the spa until they have no fever and no evidence of illness

• The following questions will be asked of each client:

    > Have you had a cough?

    > Have you had a fever?

    > Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?

    > Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

• Fewer clients will be serviced each day to allow for increased sanitation time between appointments

• Appointments will be for one client at a time; accommodations cannot be made for guests of clients, including child(ren) or parent of a child

• Alcohol wipes are also available to help maintain cleanliness of all mobile devices

TBNS Staff and Spa Safety Guidelines:

A personal protective mask will be worn during the entire time

• Staff are required to use provided alcohol-based hand sanitizer or wash hands before, during and after serving clients

Temperature will be taken at the beginning of each workday; if it is outside the normal care temperature, staff will be sent home and will not be allowed to return to the shop until they have no fever and no evidence of illness

• Gloves will be worn to sanitize and sterilize spa equipment and while handling any liquid products

• Standard black smocks will be worn

• Number of people in the spa will be limited to staff rendering service to the client and to the client receiving service; if client is early or client's service time runs over into the next appointment, the next client will be asked to remain outside in their vehicle until the spa until the current client's 

• Maintaining social distancing at all times between staff in the spa should be at least six feet, except when staff are servicing clients.

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